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Nathan Miller, Published September 10 2010

Time to send Pomeroy home

Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., has forgotten what it means to really represent the people of North Dakota.

I was extremely disappointed in how Pomeroy handled his vote on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care legislation passed earlier this year.

Leading up to his “yes” vote, I tried on multiple occasions to contact his office to get information on the bill and how the representative was going to vote. I was never given direct access to Pomeroy, which I wouldn’t necessarily expect. However, any of his staff I was able to talk with stated they had no information as to how he was going to vote. I even asked for a summary of the bill so I could get some of the hard facts; this was not available. This continued right up to his last-second admission that he was going to vote for the bill.

I felt this was very disingenuous. This was perhaps the biggest piece of legislation to come through congress since Pomeroy has been in office, yet his office was providing no information at all to anyone with concerns about the bill. If Pomeroy really felt this was the best thing for North Dakota, why was he not going around the state communicating this to the people he claims he serves? If he is going to take an unpopular position, he needs to have the courage to defend his position early, and face-to-face, with North Dakotans.

Pomeroy no longer de­serves the blessing of the people of this great state. It is high time we vote with our feet in November and give a clear signal that we expect to be represented and communicated with as residents of this state and citizens of the U.S.