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John H. Serati, Published September 04 2010

Pomeroy hides his record

The recent Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., commercial blaming state Rep. Rick Berg, R-Fargo, for voting to privatize Social Security is just plain pathetic. One wonders what schools Pomeroy attended when most students know by ninth grade that Social Security is controlled by the U.S. Congress and not any state legislature.

Pomeroy might want to mention that it was the Democrats under Lyndon Johnson who voted to eliminate the lock box for Social Security and put it into the general fund. Also under Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the Democrats, with Pomeroy casting a big yes vote, decided to tax income up to 85 percent on Social Security. Now this year under the Democrats with Pomeroy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we will have the first year that Social Security is in the red by paying out more than it takes in for cash.

The only thing that might be more pathetic than the commercial is the so-called actors saying they don’t know what Berg has done while he was in the Legislature. One assumes they either are not from North Dakota or their heads have been in the sand for years. Under Berg and the Legislature, every resident in North Dakota has a few thousand dollars in equity. Put this in perspective: Under the Democrats, Pomeroy and Pelosi, each person in the United States owes more than $130,000 because Congress can’t control spending. If you are still not sure what Berg and the Legislature have done, then maybe you should write a check back to the state of North Dakota for your 20 percent property tax relief this year and in the future.

The reality is, Pomeroy has gone negative because he does not want anyone to know he votes with President Barack Obama and Pelosi more that 95 percent of the time. Pomeroy has voted for government takeovers of business, bailouts, multiple stimulus programs, and has now sponsored a bill (Casey-Pomeroy) that will commit taxpayer dollars to bailing out the Teamsters retirement pension fund.

If all this is not enough of spending taxpayer money we do not have, Pomeroy voted for the health care bill. The health care bill is opposed by the majority of North Dakotans and will financially devastate the retail, restaurant, service and hospitality industries. It also cuts Medicare and now, according Obama’s own numbers, will add another trillion dollars to the deficit. It is the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of this country

Congressman, you voted for these issues. So, if they are so important to you, tell the citizens why in your commercials and get rid of the negative attacks. You can also explain why the House of Representatives has decided to not put a budget out until after the elections this year. We know it is because of the new shocking debt projections. Spread the word of your actions and how you continue to spend money we do not have. The people of North Dakota know your reckless deficit spending record.

The Berg record is less government and living within a budget.