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Neil Schloesser, Published August 09 2010

Reform existing drug-use laws

Regarding recently enacted legislation that outlawed products that mimic THC: Quit making drugs illegal. Politicians need to stop fighting human nature. People like to get high because we are animals who react to pleasure, and unless the government is going to rewire the human genome, this is not going to change.

What needs to occur is an open debate about which drugs should be legalized and controlled and which drugs should remain illegal. The government should be required to demonstrate a compelling interest as to why a drug is being made illegal using scientific evidence and input from the public.

If a drug is to be made illegal, then the evidence against it remaining legal must be overwhelming, and enforcement should only target manufacturers and distributors, not users.

Drug addicts are not criminals. People who steal, assault, murder – those are criminals – but people arrested for only using are not criminals and should not be treated as such. It is more humane and cheaper for governments to provide therapy for users than it is to lock them up in jail.

The vast majority of humans use drugs recreationally to relax, whether this be food, marijuana, exercise or sex.

There is no “better” or “good” way to get high. All drugs should be treated with respect, as they all have the potential to harm, from the benign plant to the most intense feelings.

Politicians need to stop assuming that all people like to relax in the same manner. This amounts to discrimination, and the government needs a compelling reason to discriminate.