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Published August 02 2010

Forum editorial: Spurge for ‘we care’ rhetoric

LEAFY SPURGE: To property owners near a new thrift store off 13th Avenue South in West Fargo who are concerned about their children’s safety but apparently not concerned enough to tax themselves to solve the problem. The City Commission told the neighborhood folks they could pay for the additional boulevard work (with a special assessment, we presume) and the “problem” would be solved. Nope, they said. They will wait for the developer of adjacent properties to pay. They don’t want to pay. In other words, they care about their kids, but not enough to pay to end the threat to them. The disingenuousness of their argument is apparent for all to see.

LEAFY SPURGE: To all those characters in the anti-government, anti-federal-spending crowd who seem to have no trouble taking the money when it benefits them. In the past few days, federal money was announced for two local projects: $11 million in FEMA funds to complete the buyout of flood-damaged homes in Cass County and a half-million dollars from the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service to help pay for repairs to the Absaraka Dam spillway in Cass County. Chances are some of the beneficiaries of the funding proudly count themselves among the stop-spending-now! lobby. How about this: Let’s start by turning back the funding for the above cited projects.

LEAFY SPURGE: To the chattering class of partisans who are trying to shift attention from Rep. Rick Berg’s, R-Fargo, role in the 2003 Legislature in the defeat of a bill to extend workers’ compensation benefits. They are going after Democratic state Chairman Mark Schneider because he mischaracterized the limited intent of the bill, which was specific to mental injury benefits for emergency service providers. Even that narrowly drawn bill failed in the House where Berg was majority leader. He certainly had a role in the legislation’s defeat, which was a clear sign that extending benefits to workers with legitimate job-related mental injuries had no chance of winning support from Berg’s caucus. Berg is the Republican candidate for the U.S. House seat now held by Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D. The important issue for North Dakotans is the genuine legitimacy of covering job-related mental injury. It’s not the spinning of a minor misstatement by a political chairman.

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