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Rachel Thomas, Published July 25 2010

Letter generates genuine concern

I knew from the title that I was going to dislike Adam Freeman’s July 20 opinion, but I chose to read it anyway. Surprisingly, I am not angered. I am, however, deeply concerned. I am concerned for any animals in his life, and I am concerned for any impressionable child he may come in contact with.

If nothing else, do us all a favor and do not reproduce, and if you have, please, do your best to not poison your children with your way of thinking.

I am not implying that all animals should be considered family members, and there is nothing wrong with considering a pet dog a dog, since that’s what they are. But if you feel the right action is to end their life, at least do it with a little decency. Slitting their throat and leaving them for dead is not decent; it is cowardly. And if you simply no longer want a pet, give the animal the chance of a new family by contacting the pound, the Humane Society or other adoption agencies.

No animal, whether considered property or not, deserves the treatment Star received from Benjamin Stavaas.