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Ken Koehler, Published July 25 2010

Pelicans rescued, but babies killed

Recently I saw a news report about the great degree of effort being made to save the lives of as many of the oil-covered pelicans as possible in the Gulf of Mexico. What a loving and caring thing to do.

That same day I also stood on the sidewalk in front of the Red River Women’s abortion facility in downtown Fargo in an effort to try to help save the lives of innocent and defenseless fellow human beings in their first nine months of life. On the days I’ve been there recently, it appears that the lives of more than 20 unborn girls and boys are intentionally ended each week.

With today’s medical advancements, we know, and the records show, that nearly all abortions are done for reasons other than to save the life of the mother.

For pelicans, we go out of our way to rescue them, but for human life, we allow a business to set up a killing center in our city.

Heavenly Father and giver of life, we pray for both mercy and justice. Please help us all to recognize that human life – of both the mother and her unborn child – is a sacred gift to be loved and protected.