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Darcy Wright , Published July 22 2010

Hard to believe such ignorance

I just read the opinion page that showcased the nonsense of Adam Freeman (letter, July 20). Since this is a free country, I also want to put my two cents out there.

Are you dumb, Adam Freeman? Are you the type of person who considers your wife, kids and other people your property? How does a dog, which is a living, breathing thing (with more common sense than you have) compare to a dresser that you are going to burn on your property? Just because it is your property doesn’t mean that gives you the right to break the law and harm anything that has a life.

Just because you get mad doesn’t mean that you can go around slitting the throat of a dog that just needed more attention and exercise.

Your little article was ridiculous and makes me angry, especially to think that there are people out there who are as ignorant as you.