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Adam Freeman, Published July 20 2010

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: My animals are my own business

Does the city of Fargo care if I buy a chest of drawers and then burn it in my fireplace? Does the city care if I plant a flower garden and let it die without water? Why is it any different with an animal? Animals are property, aren’t they? A person is only punished for damaging another person’s property, not their own.

I was recently shocked by an article regarding a serious punishment for a person trying to kill his dog and failing. Did I miss something? Since when does society have jurisdiction over someone else’s private property?

This is America, right? We still observe the right of private property, don’t we? As my property, I’ll do what I wish with my animals, and no one can tell me otherwise, because it’s my right as defined by the U.S. Constitution.