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Tom R. Kovach, Published July 04 2010

President makes oil spill worse

The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is going to affect a lot of people’s lives, from fishermen to the tourist industry, etc. And it will take its toll on wildlife. But it’s not the end of the world. Things will get back to normal. But the president is making matters worse if he intends to shut down oil-drilling in the Gulf and elsewhere. He and many other Democrats have already crippled our ability to drill in shallower waters and in land areas where there is an abundance of oil.

While BP should take responsibility for not taking more precautions, fining them into bankruptcy will get us nowhere. How is BP going to pay for damages if we prevent them from drilling further?

The president’s big hopes for alternate energy are not the answer right now. Yes, by all means, keep looking for alternate sources of energy. But let’s face it – right now we depend on oil. All these people like the president who want to stop drilling do not seem to realize that in the near future, if we do not have oil, we will shut down as a country.

Environmentalists like the president are not being realistic. They don’t want oil; they’re down on coal and nuclear energy. They say wood-burning stoves pollute and destroy our forests. So what’s left? Solar and wind. Good luck with that. But at the present, it’s a pipe dream.