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Chris and Jean Olsen, Published July 04 2010

Fargo recycling program lacking

As we do each year, we were visiting our family in Fargo. We love the city, but are always surprised by how woefully inadequate the recycling program is. We live in Terre Haute, Ind., a much smaller town than Fargo and with greatly fewer resources. Like Fargo, we have both curbside and drop-off recycling.

In Terre Haute, however, we are able to recycle all cardboard, all paper, all plastic (including bags and all numbers 1-9, regardless of shape), all steel, all aluminum and all glass. In addition to the amount of items that we can recycle, we do not have to sort each item into a different container.

There is no reason why Fargo, a more progressive town with much more money, cannot support a comprehensive recycling program. Get your act together and do more to help the environment.