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Bob Younggren, Published July 01 2010

Democrat energy plan: ‘Slow down’

President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats, along with Democrats in North Dakota, believe that every crisis and tragedy should be exploited for crass political gain. The oil spill in the Gulf is no exception.

Instead of mobilizing public and private resources to stop the gushing oil, this outfit rolled out PR machinery to try to ram through a devastating piece of legislation called cap and trade. This bill, as every North Dakotan knows, would destroy our fossil fuel industry.

Of course, this is all being done in the name of climate change (it used to global warming until the coldest winter in centuries hit last winter) and fairness.

Apparently, to North Dakota Democrats, it is not fair that our state is leading the nation in economic growth, unemployment, state revenues and satisfied citizens. They seem to want us to be as miserable as the other states in this recession.

They actually seem embarrassed by our success. The Democrat running for the U.S. Senate laid out his detailed plan for energy. The entire energy plan consists of two words: “Slow down.” I am sure he put in a great deal of thought to arrive at such a comprehensive and detailed “plan.”

Gov. John Hoeven has laid out a detailed national energy policy that he presented to the Democrat-controlled Senate. And, they actually listened. There is the difference between Hoeven and the Democrats. The governor supports our energy industry and will defend that industry when he becomes our next U.S. senator. He actually has a plan and has it laid out in detail; the Democrats have only two words: Slow down.