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Devlyn Brooks, Published June 22 2010

Parenting Perspectives: If Kate does a dating show, sign me up

If any of Kate Gosselin’s people are reading this, call me regarding the “rumors” about her upcoming reality dating show.

You all poo-pooed that “rumor” about the recently single reality TV mom finding a new love on a dating program, but I’m assuming it was floated to gauge public reaction. At least, in this cynic’s mind, that’s how you Hollywood-types work.

Anyway, call me.

Considering the lack of public outrage over Kate cashing in to get a new man, I think the show’s a go. … And I want in.

(But please, out of professional courtesy, let’s keep that between us, all right? Word of that gets out and I might get some condescending looks around my non-Hollywood neighborhood. They might not understand how this glitzy, glamorous dating stuff works.)

Truth is I’ve got a huge crush on the Katester, and this might be my one shot.

Well, OK, I’ve got a huge crush on the “new” Kate, the post-Jon, post-pinched-face-curmudgeon-that-dominated-the-screen-during-last-season’s “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” Kate.

Actually, she kind of annoyed me until recently, until I caught the new show with Kate and the brood, minus that anchor Jon. A few hours in, I realized that, dang, I dig the new Kate, the Kate that’s dropped the baggage of her spoiled marriage.

In all fairness, I should disclose that until last year, I didn’t know anything about Kate. Then, boom, Jon and Kate’s reality series became the “it” show of the season and I was hooked.

I watched with the rest of America as Kate and Jon waged a public dissolution of their marriage. I was fascinated and, honestly, I first sided with Jon. Kate seemed the more difficult of the two. I know, she probably got a bad rap, but at the time it was sordid, and I felt sorry for the kids. That made me dislike her even more.

But then the marriage all fell apart, the show ended, and Jon turned into a college frat boy and disgusted me even more.

Finally, to complete my about-face, I caught my first episodes of “Kate Plus Eight.”

Gone was the pinch-faced taskmaster who constantly rode her husband. In her place was a chilled celebrity mom who doted on her kids and dealt with life’s little troubles with some grace. And did I even detect a bit of a sense of humor?

Bang … I was crushin’ on the Katester like a school boy.

So what do you think Kate would say about giving that reality dating show a whirl? With me, of course.

Kate and I, we have some things in common, namely that we’re divorced with kids. But I’m sure over dinner we’d find other commonalities.

Think of it: Pennsylvania celebrity mom meets Regular Joe from Flyover Land. You could sell it as Hollywood meets “Hee Haw.” And the viewers on both coasts would eat it up.

Sure, the idea needs some refining, but when the “rumors” about a dating show with Kate floated, I didn’t want to waste time getting in contact with you.

So, if any of Kate’s people are reading this, drop me a line. I’m ready to woo Kate off her feet.

Devlyn Brooks is an editor for Forum Communications Co. He lives in Moorhead with his two sons.