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Mark M. Sahli, Published June 18 2010

School Board pay raise is irresponsible

I would like to congratulate all of the recently elected officials, especially those elected to the West Fargo School Board. As one of the candidates, I also want to thank those who voted and supported me. I was very happy with the amount of votes I received, just not enough. Losing is no fun, but if you stink as a politician, you should be prepared.

This, along with the most recent West Fargo Pioneer article, prompted me to write this letter. The article discusses the potential pay raise for school board members and elected official pay in general. Politicians who vote themselves pay raises get the majority of Americans’ blood boiling. Some of the comments about how money in the budget will cover the raises are ridiculous. Should I tell my family that we have an extra thousand dollars in the checkbook this month so we should use it or lose it?

I agree with one of the members in that it is a civic duty and nobody told them they had to do it. This is also what frustrates me with politicians. They want the position and then complain about how hard and time- consuming it is and want more money for it. This is entrenched-politician disease.

During the campaign, I heard an awful lot of “it is for the kids” from all of my fellow candidates. If this is the case, then school board salary budgets should be trimmed and allocated into teacher resource budgets instead. School boards and other civic leaders should then look in the mirror and see why they chose to run for office.

I would hope the West Fargo School Board and other boards would realize perception is most often reality.