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Rose Koslofsky, Published June 13 2010

Please, give Lohan a break

Lindsay Lohan started working probably at the young age of 8, pleasing her parents, camera crew and the public eye. Now that she is older and wants to do what a lot of kids her age do, she gets crucified publicly – all for a night of dinner and dancing.

Doesn’t the press have any other stories to write about – truth and honesty in public election or the true murderers of our time – than to go after a person who just badly needed a night out, hopefully with good company?

She will find out eventually that going out for a night of dinner and dancing is really overrated and she’ll fall in love with the art of scrubbing floors, changing diapers and folding laundry.

If you are a celebrity, there is no safe place, not even your backyard and sometimes even your home to get away from the stress of pleasing the no- pleasing media.

Why don’t you just skewer her knees and chest and toast her over an open fire as long as you have her head on a platter for anyone and everyone to take a wild stab at? All she wanted to do is have a night of dinner and dancing and some good company; what a crime after a ton of work and pleasing you. It shouldn’t be a federal crime. She is probably a marshmallow at heart.