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Tessa Rasmussen, Published June 03 2010

Not so friendly for bicycle riders

In light of the two recently reported incidents regarding two bicycle-vehicle collisions, I feel pressed to write.

I own a car, but with the few nice months we have each year, I enjoy commuting three miles each way by bicycle from Moorhead over to Fargo where I work. I also enjoy biking to the grocery store or other places that are close enough to do so.

Our city is not bicycle friendly and when I can ride on an oversized sidewalk, I will. However, there are times when the sidewalk is not big enough for pedestrians and cyclists, I need to be on the road, where I am legally and supposed to be riding.

Each day, at least two to three times on average, I almost get hit by vehicles when drivers are not watching the crosswalks or intersections – for cyclists or pedestrians. The least drivers can do (since they seem to hate when cyclists are riding on the road) is watch for those of us who are trying to stay out of your way. I’ve been yelled at to get off the road while cycling – since I am over as far as I can, most of the time where cars usually park.

Drivers are to be 3 feet away from cyclists while passing. Sometimes, people are kind enough to move over and other times, I almost get clipped by cars. I apologize if it is too much for you to turn your wheel and move over the 3 feet you are legally required to.

I bike for many reasons: It’s good exercise, it helps save money on gas, and it saves our environment.

All I can say is, I am very disappointed in the drivers in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Aren’t we supposed to be the “friendly” city?