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Leith Devier, Published June 03 2010

Proposed Davies diving well is a win-win for community

As a swim parent and board member for the Gators Swim Team and the NDLSC (local swimming committee) and a supporter of swimming and diving in the entire community, I would like to encourage community members and businesses to contribute to a great project and get the diving well back in the pool facility at Davies High School.

As mentioned in the May 13 Forum article “Funds sought for new pool,” we are not able to host a North Dakota state or regional high school swimming and diving meet in the city of Fargo (the largest city in the state) due to the lack of a facility with a separate diving well.

This means that our swimmers and divers from Fargo schools, Fargo private schools, Moorhead and West Fargo have to travel to other communities every year, sometimes several times a year, to support the youth of our community. This is a tremendous disadvantage to our youth, not to mention the thousands of dollars that could be spent at local businesses are going elsewhere.

While the currently planned pool at Davies is much needed and welcomed, the addition of a diving well would open up so many more opportunities for Fargo as well as the surrounding communities.

With additional contributions of less than $1 million, we could have a state-of-the-art facility that would allow our local high schools to not only host high school state competitions but would also allow college swimming and diving competitions and numerous USA Swimming competitions, each of which has the potential to bring thousands of dollars to the retail, hotel and entertainment businesses in our area. The facility may also be used for Fargo Park District swimming lessons, which benefits an even larger population in our area.

This facility would by no means be a fiscally irresponsible, taxpayer burden, as Lance Bergstrom recently commented, but has the potential of bringing thousands of dollars and countless opportunities to Fargo public schools and their students, as well as many other athletes and other areas of the community.

While the 22-lane competitive pool and aquatic center with a much-needed 50-meter pool that Bergstrom is promoting would be a welcomed facility, I don’t think the multimillion-dollar project has been finalized and is not guaranteed to be completed.

If the $1.1 million needed funds are raised ($250,000 has already been raised per the Metro Tournament Committee article), the Davies diving well project will get completed the fall of 2011. Please take a serious look at contributing to this project today.

As mentioned by the Metro Tournament Committee, we are weeks away from letting this opportunity slip by and time is of the essence. I am open to any suggestions on how to help get this project done, feel free to e-mail me at cldevier@cableone.net.