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Brian Magee, Published May 09 2010

Commandments not part of Constitution

The U.S. Constitution has absolutely nothing to do with the Ten Commandments, carved in stone on city property or otherwise. The U.S. Constitution contains no references to the Hebrew or Christian deity, let alone any others.

The Founding Fathers were wise enough to know that putting together a country’s founding document should be done without an underlying religion – any religion. The preamble to the Constitution begins with “We the people,” not “The Lord commanded” or some other such thing. God does not exist anywhere else in the Constitution either, and he was left out on purpose. It’s not as if the founders simply forgot to slip him in there somewhere.

To think that people died in wars in which the U.S. participated for the sake of the Ten Commandments is at best misguided. To try to tie the Ten Commandments lawsuit to any war is nonsense. The issue is that the government should not be endorsing a religion – any religion. Period. To put the Ten Commandments in stone in front of City Hall is an endorsement of a religion, pure and simple. It needs to go.