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Heidi Shaffer, Published April 24 2010

Double date: Two sets of twins to attend Jamestown prom together

JAMESTOWN, N.D. - It will be a true double date at tonight’s prom for two high school seniors.

Identical twin sisters Adrian and Hannah McInnes will attend prom with Josh and Jerimiah Dockter, another set of identical twins.

The Jamestown girls are hoping the crowd does a double take when they walk through the grand march procession.

The two sets of siblings met while working together at a grocery store, and when it came time to decide on dates this year, Hannah and Adrian didn’t have to think about it long.

“We thought it would be cool to go with twins,” Adrian said.

Adrian texted Jerimiah, and Hannah texted Josh.

“They’re like, we both got the text at the same time and we looked at it and were like, ‘Did you just get the same text?’ ” Adrian said.

This will be the first prom for Josh and Jerimiah, who graduated from Jamestown High School in 2009 and skipped both their junior and senior proms.

For all of the twins’ similarities, their choices in attire will not mirror each other. Adrian and Jerimiah will wear white while Hannah and Josh sport black.

The girls also differ on other decisions. Adrian has spent hours scouring the Internet for hairdos and will get hers professionally styled. Hannah still isn’t sure what she wants and will fix it herself.

Despite their opposite choices, the girls share many similarities, apart from just appearance.

The girls’ mom still sometimes mistakes them, and as twin folklore sometimes tells, when one sister gets hurt, the other can sometimes feel her pain. The 18-year-olds also finish each other’s sentences – often.

“We say a lot of the same things at the same time,” Adrian said.

“We do that all the time,” Hannah and Adrian said in tandem.

The sisters are looking forward to prom, but the event also serves as another step toward the end of their high school years. Next fall, the girls will part ways for the first time.

Adrian will attend the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks to pursue a physical therapy degree. Hannah will stay a bit closer to home when she starts at Valley City State University for a teaching degree.

The twins said they have grown even closer over the last year, and the transition to college is something they try not to think about yet.

“It’ll be really hard,” Hannah said.

“It’s going to be different,” Adrian said. “I’m dreading it.”

The girls said they love being part of a pair and can’t imagine not having the other one around.

“Being twins, you don’t really think about not being a twin because it’s like you have somebody your own age and always know they’re there,” Adrian said. “It’s really hard to imagine not being a twin.”

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