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Rob Hansen, Published April 17 2010

If the ADs won’t act, replace them

I’m a North Dakota State University grad who also attended the University of North Dakota. I’m a Team Maker. I’m mad, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

I thought The Forum editorial on the NDSU/UND football debacle was right on target but didn’t go far enough. We talk about voting out politicians who don’t represent the wishes of the majority – that’s why we have elections. However, despite a statewide popular opinion that probably exceeds 95 percent in support of an annual Bison/Sioux football game, we can’t get these games scheduled. This is unacceptable.

The problem is two athletic directors. The solution is pretty simple: If these ADs can’t get this rivalry restored with an annual home/away schedule, they should be fired and replaced by people who can. The current situation is ridiculous and should not be tolerated; it’s time to put egos aside or they both should go.

It needs to be remembered that, first and foremost, these are two excellent state universities that are funded by the people of North Dakota. In addition to their primary function – education – they also have athletic programs. It’s not two athletic programs that just happen to have schools attached. We even allow Team Makers to decide who gets what tickets and charge whatever they can extort for preferential seating.

I think we’re lucky; we don’t have to hold an election to fix the rivalry issue. If these ADs are not going to be accountable to the people who fund these schools and ultimately employ them, they can, and should, be replaced. Now. Bison/Sioux or Sioux/Bison in 2011 … let the games begin again!