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Mike Cameron, Published April 17 2010

Critic of bishop misses the mark

I am saddened by the words of George B. Sinner about how disappointed he was with Bishop Samuel Aquila, who stated that the health care bill contributes to the march toward a culture of death.

Sinner makes no claim that the actual health care bill itself will not fund abortions but that, “Obama went so far as to sign an executive order directing the secretary of Health and Human Services to ensure that recipients of federal funds comply with the limitations on abortion services.”

Sinner knows full well the limited power of an executive order; it has no more weight or power than the paper it was written on. It does not have the power of law and can be reversed with the stroke of a pen. If Obama was serious about not funding abortion, why not allow the Stupak amendment to be in the bill?

Sinner goes on about how the health care bill attempts to “reduce” the number of abortions. This reducing of abortions is a common statement by those on the left. They seem to think that killing a few babies is OK, just don’t kill too many.

I thank Bishop Aquila for his stand on the right to life, and I pray that the world will wake up and realize that abortion is murder and everyone has the right to a life.

(The letter from Sinner was from George B. Sinner, son of the former governor.)