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Tom R. Kovach, Published April 11 2010

President’s political correctness could backfire

President Barack Obama has endorsed the politically correct route when it comes to dealing with terrorists and with other potential enemies (Russia and China come to mind) of the U.S. He refuses to use the term “Moslem” when it comes to addressing Islamic terrorists. He has also changed the way we handle security at airports so as not to offend Islamic countries. Everyone will now be scrutinized equally, including blond Swedes who, up to this point, have not posed any threat to the U.S. Anything to pacify the radicals of Islamic faith.

He has changed our nuclear defense policy by promising not to use nukes against countries without nuclear weapons and possibly even refuse to retaliate if we are hit by nuclear weapons. Is this guy for real?

We’ve had some simple-minded presidents throughout history (Ford and Carter come to mind immediately), but Obama’s ignorance of the dangers of our current world is very alarming.

I hate to be one of those “I told you so!” people, but I honestly feel that all this silly, political correctness (and Islamic coddling) will come back to haunt us. I hope I’m wrong.