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Ed Green, Published April 10 2010

‘Public servants’ have it too cushy

Here we go again. They’re raising your taxes again, when we already agreed to the additional sales tax for the $1 billion diversion. So now they decide to spend more, and we should pay.

Our mayor calls it a “slam dunk,” but I also heard him threaten us with special assessments if we don’t approve this. They don’t talk much about the rest of the sales tax we’re already paying, but anybody can go to the city’s Web site and see that the “infrastructure” we’re already taxed for lists “flood protection projects.” So why don’t they use that money?

Most of us are upset at our federal government for getting too big and controlling, but look at our local government, too. When we were growing up the sales tax was 3 to 4 percent, and there was no local add-on. How did we function?

Our property taxes are sky high, and now our local sales tax, which didn’t even exist a generation ago, will be 2.5 percent.

Fargo voters, you need to realize what your local politicians are doing to you. Too much money in government leads to corruption, and we’re already there. Ever notice how those in government have better benefits and higher salaries than those who pay for it? Not to mention pensions and all the other perks. And we pay for it. This is why they don’t want to use the funds they already have, or live within their means. It’s just way too cushy for these “public servants.”