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Greg Hodur, Published March 31 2010

Tea partiers are quite amusing

As a delegate to the state Democratic Convention in Fargo last weekend, I had a front-row seat to Scott Hennen’s tea party protest. I know Hennen and his crew were there to try to intimidate us. But all they accomplished was to amuse us.

Think about it: How do you take seriously a flag-waving group of people who consider themselves some sort of super-patriots, yet, denounce the system of government established by the Constitution, refuse to accept the outcomes of free and fair elections in this country, and don’t believe in majority rule?

And what’s not funny about a collection of sanctimonious Christians using the Ten Commandment monument as a political prop as they ignore the commandment “Thou shall not lie,” as well as their savior’s direction to love our neighbors as ourselves and to care most about the least among us?

Keep up the good work, Scott. As we Democrats know, governing is serious, hard work. So, we appreciate your effort to make us laugh every so often.