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Paul Wymer, Published March 26 2010

Throwing money not the answer

This is going to anger many people, but it needs to be stated.

First, am I anti-education? Absolutely not. My children all attended West Fargo schools.

Here is my perspective: Public education in general tends to think that “throwing money” at a situation will make it right. I disagree. With all of the money spent for education, the quality has not improved proportionately.

Plan, plan, plan. Why are two high schools needed? They’re not. This cannot be the most efficient use of tax dollars. Fact: The current high school was too small from the day it opened – not exactly the most effective use of taxpayer dollars.

Is there additional waste in the system as it currently stands? Of course there is. There is waste in every system. What has been done to address this? Also, what is the projected timeline on continued school population growth? Can facilities be shared between school districts (West Fargo and Fargo)? Why not?

Finally, you can only get so much blood from a rock. Translation: The homeowner is “tapped out.” All of us are being taxed to death – income taxes, gasoline taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, communication taxes, hospitality taxes, death taxes, increased costs (tax) to support a bloated/wasteful and incompetent federal bureaucracy and on and on and on. My response? ENOUGH ALREADY! Am I the only one who feels this way? Obviously not; the measure was voted down.