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Lonny Winrich, Published March 19 2010

An empty rant against Pomeroy

I suppose it’s to be expected that someone who suffers from amnesia would urge you to “remember!” That seems to be the case with Vernon Wangen’s latest reality-challenged rant against Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D. His litany of right-wing Republican talking points is easily recognized for what it is, but let’s review some facts anyway.

I’m proud that Pomeroy represents our state in Congress. He works hard to help me and others like me when it really matters. Here in Grand Forks, we remember how important his efforts can be when flood protection is needed. You’re as likely to see him in a sandbag line as on TV. Wangen’s memory is apparently much shorter.

Pomeroy’s efforts to obtain fair reimbursement for rural hospitals in states like North Dakota means that many of those hospitals are able to remain open and treat the people of our state. Pomeroy has been a voice for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget before it was fashionable, (i.e. during the Bush administration) and he’s still doing it today.

Given the partisan, obstructive behavior of the Republicans in Congress, we can expect to see more such misleading attacks on Earl Pomeroy. Just follow the advice: REMEMBER! Keep up the good work, Rep. Pomeroy.