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Patricia McLaughlin, Published March 19 2010

From Berg: same old talking points

Rick Berg’s March 12 commentary exemplifies just how easy it is to be a Republican these days: Government bad, private sector good, taxes too high, and socialism very bad (except in the cases of Medicare, Medicaid, state-run banks, electric/telephone co-ops).

Berg feigns an attempt at bipartisanship, but the underlying message is the same pitch we have been hearing since the LBJ administration, that Demo-crats want to raise everyone’s taxes and give your hard-earned money to welfare mothers in places like Detroit.

The truth is, I can clearly remember back to the year 2000 when a Democrat in the White House achieved a record surplus and Republicans demanded lowered taxes; now we are running huge deficits in the midst of two wars, spikes in health care costs, college tuition, rises in the general cost of living, and, remarkably, the solution is lowering taxes?

Berg and his party have offered no real solutions to any of today’s complex economic challenges. But I might ask if the objective really is to help small- and medium-sized business, and not just use it as a political scare tactic against the boogeyman in Washington, D.C. Does he support President Barack Obama’s attempt to abolish corporate tax shelters so multinational corporations actually begin to pay their fair share and instantly reduce the tax burden on small business? Now that is a real solution and not just tired old talking points.