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Kevin Cramer, Published March 19 2010

No more backdoor policies

The federal government fails to solve problems and the chaos surrounding Capitol Hill makes a convincing case that creating them has become its passion. However, electing the most competent, transparent and service-minded North Dakotans to Congress will get positive results and the voice of the people back into the U.S. House. North Dakota elected officials listen to the people, lead with distinction, understand the issues and have the character required to put the people’s interests first.

Meanwhile, Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., maintains a backdoor policy rejecting the fact that reaching out to voters generates ideas, strategies and success.

My covenant with the people of North Dakota to hold at least 100 in-state town hall meetings and one per county during my first term in Congress is essential to taking Washington back. It keeps a representative under close scrutiny of the public eye, wholly accountable and prevents the holes that Pomeroy and his oligarchic colleagues have torn between themselves and their constituents.

The United States suffers an intolerable $1 trillion trade deficit to hostile nations every year. Pomeroy’s inaction defies simple economics and threatens North Dakota’s well-being at large.

North Dakota oversees energy with a pro-business perspective that makes our state a mentor for others. Applying this approach at the federal level will allow businesses and government to partner in embracing domestic resources and restoring our nation’s economic and national security. Electing leaders who know the people, recognize resources and know how to employ them can make North Dakota the model this nation needs.

As government hungers for control over health care, Pomeroy hides from constituents and repeatedly ignores public challenges to take a stand. This indecision frustrates reasonable people who realize government-run healthcare cannot make costs drop because government control drives costs up.

Effective reform calls for health savings accounts, freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, and a malpractice protocol that keeps frivolous lawsuits out of the courtroom and attorneys out of the operating room.

North Dakotans understand, but former North Dakotan Pomeroy has forgotten that government is inefficient, ineffective and exerts excessive influence over our lives when left unchecked. Returning personal decisions and earnings to the people and respecting states’ rights will increase accountability and compel Congress to once again revere the Constitution and people as superiors rather than servants.

As your North Dakota public service commissioner, I apply these principles and see them create prosperity every day. They will accomplish even more for North Dakota and the nation when Congress adopts them. That begins Election Day 2010.

Cramer was elected to the North Dakota Public Service Commission in 2004 and currently chairs the board. He seeks the 2010 North Dakota Republican Party nomination for the U.S. House. The party will endorse a candidate Saturday at the state convention in Grand Forks.