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John Lamb, Published March 18 2010

FLOOD UPDATE: South River Road residents optimistic for early crest

Veteran flood fighters along Fargo’s South River Road say lessons learned from previous floods have made this year’s efforts easier.

Dan Holm and his neighbor Jim Papacek, both of whom have spent at least 30 years with the Red River as a back yard, praised city officials for being better organized with delivering material like sandbags and the plastic sheets to cover them as well as the de-ployment of student volunteers.

Holm’s son Jason said the whole neighborhood was fortified by noon on Wednesday thanks largely to students, mostly from Shanley High School.

On a quiet Thursday morning the three stood near Papacek’s backyard and said the city had done a good job. Pallets of sand-bags still lined the streets in case the crest rises higher than the 37 – 39-foot prediction.

Dan and Jason Holm, who have lived on the street for nearly 50 years, didn’t see that happening. The two men predicted the flood to crest Friday, two days ahead of official pre-dictions.

While they’ve kept tabs on weather reports and other crests, Jason called their optimistic prediction “intuition.”