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Jeff Kolpack, Published March 07 2010

Wrestling: NDSU's Salminen, Adams post Region titles to advance to Nationals

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Shane Salminen is a team photographer of sorts for the North Dakota State wrestling team and on Saturday afternoon, looking through the lens got a little blurry. The father of Bison junior Vince Salminen had some emotional eyes.

His son had just finished off a West Regional title at 157 pounds at Frost Arena. Salminen and teammate Ryan Adams qualified for the Division I Wrestling Championships in two weeks in Omaha, Neb., with Adams taking the 141-pound crown.

Salminen was one of three No. 3 seeds take a regional title on a day when the Bison had four finalists – their best showing as a Division I program.

“We’ve made leaps while other teams made steps,” Salminen said. “Look for us next year to be even better. We’re in a lot better mindset.”

Junior Andrey Patselov came up short at 141 pounds and sophomore Drew Ross did likewise at 197.

Salminen took down No. 2 Justin Gaethje of Northern Colorado 12-9 in the semifinals and No. 1 Tyson Reiner of Northern Iowa 8-4 in the final.

He led 5-1 after the first period, nearly pinning Reiner with the same move he pinned him with last year. A near fall in the third period sealed it.

The match also factored into the Western Wrestling Conference race. Reiner was penalized a team point for throwing his head gear and the Panthers finished with 74.5 points. Wyoming won it with 75 and NDSU was third with 44.5.

But this meet was all about reaching nationals. Adams broke a 3-3 third-period tie against Cole VonOhlen of Air Force with a reversal and weathered a VonOhlen escape for his ticket to Omaha.

He said the game plan against VonOhlen, when given the choice, was to pick the neutral position at the start of a period because VonOhlen didn’t let him go in an earlier match this year. But he picked the down spot in what he called a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The Bison coaches let the veteran wrestler make the call and it took him just a few seconds for his reversal.

“I was either going to get away or get ridden out and look like an idiot,” Adams said.

He turned it into a quick two points.

Patselov wasn’t as fortunate against No. 1-seeded Trenton Washington of UNI. Washington made a first period takedown hold up in a 3-2 win.

“There’s a next year for me but it would have been nice to get there this year,” Patselov said.

Ross was perhaps the surprise of the tournament. Unseeded at 197 pounds, he pinned No. 2 Alfonso Hernandez in the quarterfinals and held on for a 6-5 victory over No. 3 Dustin Bauman of Northern Iowa in the semifinals.

But he ran into No. 1 Tyler Sorenson of SDSU in the final. A near fall and takedown in the second period was his demise in a 17-2 defeat by technical fall.

NCAA West Regional

At Brookings, S.D.

Western Wrestling Conference team totals

Wyoming 75, Northern Iowa 74.5, North Dakota State 44.5, Utah Valley 43.5, Air Force 37.5, South Dakota State 29.5, Northern Colorado 18.5.

Individual results


Quarterfinals: Kjar, UV, pinned Solberg, NDSU, :32. Pickrel, SDSU, dec. Mustari, UNC, 7-2. Flores, UNI, bye. Martinez, UW, dec. Zwirlein, AF, 3-2.

Semifinals: Kjar dec. Pickrel, 6-5. Martinez dec. Flores, 4-2.

Consolation: Mustari dec. Solberg, 6-2. Mustari pinned Flores, 4:53. Pickrel dec. Zwirlein, 6-0.

Third: Mustari dec. Pickrel, 8-3.

Championship: Martinez dec. Kjar, 7-3 (ot).


Quarterfinals: VomBauer, UW, bye. Jauch, UNI, dec. Gillespie, AF, 13-12. Ray, UV, pinned Johnson, SDSU, 3:17. Bahe, UNC, bye.

Semifinals: VomBauer dec. Jauch, 5-3. Ray, dec. Bahe, 6-4.

Consolation: Gillespie dec. Bahe, 8-5.Jauch pinned Johnson, :27.

Third: Gillespie dec. Jauch, 8-3.

Championship: Ray dec. VomBauer, 8-3.


Quarterfinals: VonOhlen, AF, dec. Ray, UV, 8-2. Walraven, SDSU, bye. Hashimoto, UNC, dec. Ettelson, UNI, 10-4. Adams, NDSU, pinned Smith, UW, 1:12.

Semifinals: VonOhlen dec. Walraven, 9-0. Adams dec. Hashimoto, 10-4.

Consolation: Ettelson dec. Smith, 4-1. Hashimoto dec. Ray, 3-1. Walraven dec. Ettelson, 2-1.

Third: Hashimoto dec. Walraven, 6-3.

Championship: Adams dec. VonOhlen, 5-4.


Quarterfinals: Washington, UNI, bye. Morrill, UV, dec. Martinez, AF, 11-7. Dallaserra, UW, dec. Hagar, SDSU, 6-0. Patselov, NDSU, dec. Gonzalez, UNC, 3-1.

Semifinals: Washington dec. Morrill, 6-2. Patselov dec. Dallaserra, 6-2.

Consolation: Gonzalez dec. Hagar, 7-3. Dallaserra dec. Martinez, 3-1. Morrill dec. Gonzalez, 3-0.

Third: Morrill dec. Dallaserra, 9-4.

Championship: Washington dec. Patselov, 3-2.


Quarterfinals: Reiner, UNI, dec. Moss, UV, 7-2. Belleville, UW, dec. Williams, AF, 9-3. Salminen, NDSU, pinned Flynn, SDSU, 4:41. Gaethje, UNC, bye.

Semifinals: Reiner dec. Belleville, 14-4. Salminen dec. Gaethje, 12-9.

Consolation: Moss dec. Williams, 8-4.Gaethje dec. Moss, 14-7. Belleville dec. Flynn, 8-2.

Third:Belleville dec. Gaethje, 11-10.

Championship: Salminen dec. Reiner, 8-4.


Quarterfinals: Onufer, UW, dec. O’Brien, UNC, 11-2. Johnson, NDSU, pinned Moe, SDSU, 1:17. Bonin, UNI, bye. Gable, AF, dec. Clark, UV, 11-6.

Semifinals: Onufer dec. Johnson, 13-5. Bonin dec. Gable, 12-4.

Consolation: O’Brien tech. fall Moe, 16-1. Clark over Johnson, 6-5. Gable dec. O’Brien, 3-0.

Third: Clark dec. Gable, 14-4.

Championship: Onufer dec. Bonin, 6-2.


Quarterfinals: Smith, UW, bye. French, AF, dec. Kammerzell, UNC, 9-1. Beets, UNI, bye. Darrington, dec. Stoll, NDSU, 6-3.

Semifinals: French dec. Smith, 5-2. Beets dec. Darrington, 10-3.

Consolation: Smith over Stoll, 10-5. Darrington over Kammerzell, 12-3.

Third: Darrington dec. Smith, 6-1.

Championship: Betts dec. French, 17-6.


Quarterfinals: LaBlance, UW, tech. fall Prentice, UNC, 17-1. Ciccone, AF, dec. Michaud, SDSU, 11-5. O’Loughlin, UNI, bye. Moenkedick, NDSU, dec. Shmaulhaus, UV, 10-3.

Semifinals: O’Loughlin dec. Moenkedick, 8-4. LeBlanc pinned Ciccone, 1:49.

Consolation: Michaud pinned Prentice, 2:10. Michaud over Moenkedick, 5-3. Shmaulhaus dec. Ciccone, 10-2.

Third: Michaud dec. Shmaulhaus, 2-1.

Championship: LeBlanc dec. O’Loughlin, 9-2.


Quarterfinals: Sorenson, SDSU, dec. Delaney, AF, 7-4. Wood, UV, bye. Bauman, UNI, pinned Matthews, UNC, 3:35. Ross, NDSU, pinned Hernandez, UW, 2:38.

Semifinals: Sorenson dec. Wood, 7-3. Ross dec. Bauman, 6-5.

Consolation: Hernandez pinned Matthews, 2:36. Bauman dec. Delaney, 3-2. Hernandez pinned Wood, 2:58.

Third: Hernandez dec. Bauman, 9-3.

Championship: Sorenson tech. fall over Ross, 17-2.


Quarterfinals: Brantley, UNI, dec. Kelly, SDSU, 2-1. Larson, AF, dec. Arthur, NDSU, 7-2. Tuell, UNC, dec. Eldredge, UV, 5-1. Helbig, UW, bye.

Semifinals: Brantley dec. Helbig, 6-2. Larson dec. Tuell, 5-2.

Consolation: Arthur dec. Eldredge, 1-0. Kelly dec. Tuell, 3-1. Helbig dec. Arthur, 7-3.

Third; Helbig pinned Kelly, 1:57.

Championship: Brantley dec. Larson, 9-6.

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