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Lori Koenig, Published February 28 2010

Police not there, could not know

Police not there, could not know

By Lori Koenig


What’s going on with the Fargo Police Department and the Fargo Traffic Court? In early January after a snowstorm, my son was in a car accident due to the piles of snow at the intersections and icy roads. He stopped at a stop sign and had to creep forward to see. All of a sudden a young girl hit his driver’s rear quarter panel. She told him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you” (due to talking on her cell phone).

Anyway, the police cited my son for a stop-sign violation, saying he didn’t stop. My question is: How does the officer know that, since it took him 20 minutes to get to the scene? My son’s insurance agent told him to fight the ticket in court and it would get thrown out since police can’t give a ticket for what they didn’t witness. He was told by the court that he was wasting everyone’s time. It is only $20. He had the stop sign, not her.

Anyway, the idea is not the fine, it is also the points on the insurance, and I’m sure his insurance will have to pay for her car, which is insane since it is a no-fault due to the way the roads were.

So, to the Fargo police: You guys must have really good eyesight to see things that happened when you weren’t even around at the time. And just because the young girl was a pretty little thing doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have received a ticket for talking on her cell phone.

In Minnesota, police officers cannot give a ticket for a stop-sign violation if they didn’t see it. I know this because I am related to a police officer.