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Al Nielsen, Published February 18 2010

Roses for new brand of milk based on faulty information

Before The Forum awards Deja Moo milk with Prairie Roses, maybe you should do some research with reliable sources to make a judgment.

It is true that Deja Moo may be produced from cows that are not injected with growth hormones, but if you were to visit the supermarket, you would see that a local dairy (Cass Clay) and others also produce milk that is “free of synthetic growth hormones.” That is why the statement appears on the container on the principal display panel that states: “No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST/rBGH treated and nontreated rBST/rBGH tested cows.”

In order to declare that the milk and milk byproducts are free of synthetic growth hormones, the dairy must receive a signed affidavit from the milk producer and his veterinarian that they are not injecting their cows with rBST/rBGH growth hormones and must be kept on file for regulatory agencies to review.

Deja Moo declares that they use cold milk technology for part of their processing procedure. Cold milk technology has been around for years, but the most common way to separate butterfat out of milk for reduced, low-fat and fat-free milks is to temper milk so that the separation process is more accurate. This does nothing to the flavor of the milk.

All milk needs to be heated to a standardized time/temperature relationship called pasteurization. As processing milk has become more refined over the years and to produce high-quality milk with longer shelf life, all milk will have what is called a slight “cooked flavor.”

And last of all, Deja Moo claims to have used milk from North Dakota and Minnesota. From reliable sources I have checked, there is no record that I can find of any Grade A milk being produced in North Dakota being shipped to the Pride of Main Street Dairy in Sauk Centre, Minn. You can verify this with the Department of Agriculture Dairy Division in Bismarck. Maybe next time before The Forum awards Prairie Roses, they will do a little more research into the information provided them.