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Vasantha Soori, Published February 07 2010

Abortion is about the culture of life

In response to Jane Ahlin’s commentary on Jan. 31:

I submit to you that the issue of abortion is a cultural issue and not a political one. Ahlin is mistaken in her belief that merely because politicians and intellectuals have lent their sycophancy to an ideology of death that a cultural issue could be transformed into a political issue.

While some politicians and intellectuals have embraced a culture of death, most Americans are committed to a culture of life. Therefore, as a cultural issue, celebration and choice of life definitely has its place on Super Sunday.

I believe that what Ahlin, and others who hold her views, fear most is not the “polarizing politics” but the exposing of the truth that abortion is the taking away of an innocent’s life. For someone who claims that this is a serious and complex issue, how superficial and frivolous of Ahlin to be to be affronted with the issue of life. Shouldn’t life take precedence over the celebration of “excessiveness” and “party hearty”? Are we to abstain from any newscasts from Haiti on Super Sunday so that we would be in a more festive mood?

Ahlin would have us believe that a few decades of her own misguided and ill-informed wisdom (how many abortions are due to her listed scenarios? How many abortions due to “inconvenience”? Check the facts at www.nrlc.org) is superior to the revealed word of God. The revealed word of God has made it abundantly clear in the Scriptures that it is he who chooses to give the gift of life. We should take every opportunity to celebrate this precious gift and share the truth with those who are confused or ill-informed.