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Jeff Bozovsky, Published February 07 2010

Ahlin is wrong about pro-lifers

In her Jan. 31 column, Jane Ahlin states: “Folks who want to end all abortion avoid the complexities of problem pregnancies and instead, vacillate between threats/bullying and happy talk, while pushing into every facet of American life.”

I take issue with this and Ahlin’s description of “problem pregnancies.” I and many who oppose abortion in this community feel it is never right to end the life of a child, whether one chooses to call the child a fetus or something else. We feel that ending a child’s life as a means to achieve a supposedly better end is never right.

On a side note, I would also question how problem pregnancy cases justify abortion’s legality in every case the mother wants to end the life of the child, for any reason.

Being an opponent of abortion, I would love to see the day in America in which abortion is only legal in cases of problem pregnancies. But I would not be able to rest with that reality, either, since that, too, is looking at life with a means/ends lens.

I hope Ahlin and others who share her view can at least recognize that this pro-lifer does not use “threats or bullying,” nor “happy talk,” but reasons, through his belief in the sanctity of human life, that abortion is never a right action.