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Bob Brown, Published February 07 2010

Day is coming when the truth will triumph

Kudos to The Forum and columnist Jane Ahlin (Jan. 31) for conveying to us precisely the No. 1 reason why the pro-life movement is gaining ground across America, namely, the complete lack of substance behind the ideals of left-wing liberalism.

So let me get this straight: Janet Jackson can run around the Super Bowl stage parading her nipples while her background dancers are grinding on each other in barely there attire and we can literally force-feed deviant sexual behavior to our children through television and media outlets at every moment and dismiss that as merely cultural, yet we can’t listen to the mother of a Heisman trophy winner for 30 seconds say that she is thankful for the choice she made?

You people claim to be pro-choice, yet you are up in arms when a choice is actually presented. You seem to think that the right to freedom of speech should only apply to those who think like you. Thank God, that’s not the case!

I remember very well a column Ahlin wrote last June chastising those of us who are pro-life for what she considered to be name-calling and labeling. Yet, here she has absolutely no problem doing just that. Is that a double standard, or does she write with a forked pen?

For all of you who believe as she does, the truth is that the day is coming when your own hearts and minds and dispositions will return to the way it was when you were young. When simple things like grandkids and sunsets and quiet evenings on the porch will be priority. It is then that you will realize that the ideals that you worked so hard to hold on to all this time were nothing but a puff of smoke.

It must be very difficult to carry the weight of your own deity. Let go and let God! It’s a lot easier!