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Lois Undseth, Published February 07 2010

Columnist needs to chill a bit

It is hard to know where to begin to respond to Jane Ahlin’s commentary on Jan. 31. She is obviously attempting to discredit everything about the Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam.

First, she attacks the producer of the ad, Focus on the Family, by attempting to marginalize the organization to the radical right-wing fringe of society. It seems that Ahlin’s information came right from the pages of the National Organization for Women’s handbook.

I suggest to Forum readers that they hear the truth for themselves on local radio station 1200 AM at 9:30 Monday through Friday mornings. The radio program, which is the heart of the organization, usually airs personal stories that pertain to a wide range of subjects. I listened today and it was one family’s story of childhood sexual abuse. Focus on the Family makes available a host of resources to help families raise responsible children and otherwise survive and thrive through the vicissitudes of life. They also produce volumes of audio and video programs for kids.

The point is, Ahlin has no clue what Focus on the Family is all about and makes accusations about its mission and motivation that are blatantly false.

Beyond that, Ahlin also calls into question the truthfulness of Pam and Tim Tebow’s story itself. She has no basis to question its validity, but question it she does, obviously to attempt to discredit the story. I believe this is in actuality libel, and I am offended that The Forum printed it.

Thirdly, Ahlin takes on pro-life people in general, though condescendingly calling them “folks who want to end all abortion.” She claims they “avoid the complexities of problem pregnancies,” and “vacillate between threats ... and happy talk.” And this is serious discussion? I hardly think Pam Tebow was able to avoid the complexity of a problem pregnancy.

I’m having a hard time deciphering the problem with the Super Bowl ad. Ahlin wants to call it an “anti-abortion” ad. I suggest she just chill a bit, and let the truth speak through Pam Tebow. I guess that is the problem – it remains uncontestable that for every one of the 40-plus million abortions since 1973 in America, there is a story left untold of a life never lived. That is the dirty little secret of the abortion industry.