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John Lamb, Published January 31 2010

The puppets: What would they say?

Jeff Dunham credits the video hosting site YouTube.com with boosting his career, but what do his characters think of the online video warehouse?

“Wow, that’s a really interesting question,” he said with a laugh. “What would they be watching?

“Let’s see. Have you seen that ‘Pants on the Ground’ video? That’s something Peanut would like.

“I don’t think Walter would pay any attention because he thinks the Internet is a fad and he gives it three months tops.

“I think Achmed likes watching cartoons. Achmed likes the old Warner Brothers cartoons because they keep blowing up and they keep coming back. I never thought of that. That’s actually funny. I think Achmed’s favorite character would be Elmer Fudd because he keeps walking around and shooting Daffy Duck. And he never wins. That’s right. He can identify with him. That’s really funny.”

Feeling Fargo

Though it’s only been 17 months since Dunham and his friends have been in town, he was asked what they know of Fargo and what they would they think of coming here.

“I think Achmed will be completely bewildered by Fargo because he’s never experienced those types of temperatures. Especially in February.

“I think Walter will be ticked off. He’ll think I lost a bet and had to come to Fargo in February.

“Peanut will think it’s the coolest thing ever – because – why? Hang on a second. He’ll want to get out and drive in it. Get out and smash into things.

What will Bubba J think? What will Bubba J think? I think it will be one of the first times he and Peanut will bond over the machinery they can get out and drive in.”