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Richard Bond, Published January 07 2010

Agency makes situation worse

I am 17 years old and am diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. I had some problems and needed a specialist to help me with my challenges.

My mom is disabled and didn’t have the money to get the help I needed, so she asked Cass County Children’s Services to help her help me. They took over as my guardian and then they treated me like a common criminal. They put me in a foster home where I was abused. My mom had to get the sheriff to get me and take me to the hospital because I got hurt. My foster parents wouldn’t take me to the doctor. They keep me drugged on medications, and I don’t even have a doctor experienced in Asperger’s to work with me. They just use a general practitioner to keep me overly medicated and sick. They spent a year ignoring me and not helping me.

When my mom told them to let me come home with her so she could move to a state that could provide services for me, Children’s Services refused. They haven’t helped me get through school, they haven’t helped me with counseling, and they won’t even take me to the doctors when I am sick.

If I were to ask for a Christmas present, it would be that my mom and I could be reunited. But neither my mom nor I can find a lawyer who will help us. If Cass County gets their way, I will be forced to live in a group home, and North Dakota taxpayers will be paying for me to be there. My mom is willing to help me. Why can’t Children’s Services?