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Jon Vastag, Published December 23 2009

Cramer critics need to stop, exhale

Writers of recent letters to the editor accusing North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer of ignoring facts surrounding the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent endangerment findings need to exhale some CO2 themselves. Perhaps their brains will clear, and they will see what has become obvious to most of us: that the Obama administration is engaged in an all-out assault on our liberties and will use every means necessary to accomplish his goals of advancing socialism in our economy.

The EPA is a hammer to force Congress to pass legislation that will penalize North Dakotans. By capping CO2 emissions and driving up the cost of fossil fuel energy, places like North Dakota that generate low-cost electricity by burning coal and whose citizens drive long distances moving people and products, will send more of our money to places like California, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

This transfer of wealth fits right into the Obama-Reid-Pelosi socialism agenda. I am grateful to Cramer for using his position and expertise to keep us well-informed.