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Andrew L. Wilson, Published December 19 2009

Rockefeller just doesn’t get it

Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s, D-W.Va., comments (Forum, Dec. 10) regarding Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., as it relates to Medicare reimbursement would be laughable if it wasn’t attached to such a meaningful and perhaps dire issue for North Dakota health care.

Apparently Rockefeller doesn’t quite understand that Medicare is not paid at one rate throughout the country and that North Dakota has the second-lowest Medicare reimbursement in the country.

Isn’t it always the case for the “haves” to say “go along to get along” when their ox isn’t getting gored in the process?

North Dakota’s Medicare reimbursement is approximately 25 percent lower than West Virginia’s, with significantly greater quality. Perhaps Rockefeller should suggest reallocating some of “their abundance” to North Dakota.