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Joe Richardson, Published December 19 2009

Cramer should save tea party politics for private gatherings

I found Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer’s article in the Dec. 14 Forum to be astonishingly deceptive. Cramer claims the “Obama admin-istration” is “unilaterally implementing policies through bureaucratic imposition” with regard to EPA regulations on carbon dioxide emissions.

Perhaps Cramer is unaware of the Clean Air Act and unaware that the Supreme Court, in Massachusetts v. EPA, ruled greenhouse gases were subject to the Clean Air Act and ordered the EPA to determine whether greenhouse gases were a threat to human health or safety.

The Clean Air Act was, as it is suggested, an act of Congress, our elected representatives. The Supreme Court decision was written in 2007 by Justice John Paul Stevens, appointed to the court by Republican President Gerald Ford.

So how does EPA moving to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, as directed by the Supreme Court become the ominous work of President Barack Obama? The EPA is merely doing its job.

Cramer writes: “The declaration by the EPA that CO2 is dangerous to health flies in the face of recent scientific revelations.”

This astounding leap leaves him falling short of any credibility – a disturbing display for a person charged with using the best scientific and technological knowledge to regulate our utilities.

To believe Cramer is to judge that our scientific academies are wrong, our EPA is wrong, the Supreme Court ruling over greenhouse gases was wrong and that Obama simply wants to threaten Congress to “destroy our economy and way of life.” While the commissioner informs us that he is “sounding the alarm” because he is charged with “ensuring ratepayers are protected from unjust costs,” young people might believe the commissioner is attempting to buy a near-term political career at their future expense.

Please, commissioner, don’t personalize every federal action as being a “threat of Barack Obama.” Allow agencies to respond on their own to Supreme Court rulings. Allow, too, the respected title of President Obama. Save your tea party tongue for private gatherings.