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Jim Hanson, Published December 13 2009

The very notion of unbiased press dishonest, ridiculous

The unbiased press, oh what a ridiculous statement. The most egregious examples of press biases are Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama.

When I was growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, the famous people did not need to worry about their behavior. The press looked the other way, i.e. President John Kennedy and Mickey Mantle. In the past 20 years or so, the press has proudly dug up dirt on “everyone,” as they say. That is kind of proving to be false, and a shocked and unbelieving and incredibly naïve American public is upset.

The lack of any kind of professional reporting on Obama is much more serious than the look-the-other-way coverage for Woods, but it does show a pattern. I will let the reader use their imagination as to what the pattern is because information always stays with you longer when you figure it out and learn it yourself. How about the national press reporters taking a lie detector test and testifying under oath about what they did know and didn’t report?

In Woods’ case it allowed him to make hundreds of millions on endorsements that would have never been there if the truth had been reported. Woods’ golf abilities are self-evident, and certainly he deserves the No. 1 ranking he has earned. Pete Rose, on the other hand, was blistered by the press, and of course the all-time hits leader in baseball doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

The American public is now beginning to understand the socialist and leftist leanings of our president. They have always been there but, of course, weren’t reported in the campaign, just “yes we can.” In the early part of this century he gave extensive interviews to public broadcasting in Chicago. In these he bemoans the fact the Supreme Court can’t make monetary policy; he also states it will take him two terms to nationalize health care. He states without a doubt that this is his goal. Why wouldn’t this hypocrisy be reported?

The national obsession of hating George Bush blinded many into believing anything, kind of like the hatred for Richard Nixon, and we got Jimmy Carter.

It isn’t so much the local papers or news stations that are dishonest, because they can only display what they are given by the national agencies. It would be refreshing for me to hear The Forum and all of our TV and radio newsrooms admit this.