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Mike Myhre, Published December 10 2009

The ignorance is astonishing

‘Nation in peril as political pendulum swings far left,” Keith Hovland of Valley City, N.D. on Dec. 3.

Just how ignorant is he and his kind? The worst of the last 40 years was done under conservative administrations. George W. Bush and his fascist Congress in the eight years he was in has all but bankrupt and destroyed the country. Thanks, you ignorant eggheads. You haven’t the brains you were born with. And what about those conservative congressmen (woman) and senators? They got the brains of a ditto-head.

He says the list of legislation that our new big government wants to enact includes health care reform. If it was single payer, it would cover everybody, not just the well off and rich.

Second, health insurance reform. This would let most people afford health care and get rid of the big corporations (monopolies) and their greed.

Third, the Employee Free Choice Act. Higher wages and getting rid of the Right to Work Act. The Right to Work Act only keeps wages lower.

My dad told me at least 40 years ago that the “right wing” would turn our America into a Third World country, starting with the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and ending with fake oil shortages, deregulation and the crock and bull of supply and demand.

And you morons call yourselves Christians and patriots.

Isn’t it time for “A Christmas Carol” (Scrooge) for you right-wingers? I know, it’s too hard for you to understand.