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Sheilia Horner, Published December 10 2009

Dream Givers’ only motivation is to do good in the community

In regards to The Forum story about the Dream Givers/Logan Frank benefit:

This comes from someone who worked the benefit, as well as someone who knows one of the Dream Givers principals. Also, I have a nephew who has autism.

Shannon Schweigert is one of the most helpful and honest people we have ever met. He would never be involved in an organization that would do anything illegal or questionable.

When Schweigert came to the company that I work for and asked for assistance on getting things set up, as well as asking for my husband and me to volunteer, we were very willing because we knew that it was for a good cause (this little boy and dog).

Schweigert had explained that the Frank family had gone to many different organizations and felt like they didn’t know which way to turn for help anymore. Well, Schweigert, being the person he is, talked to his partners, and lo and behold, they decided to work something out to try to help this family. They only had six weeks to plan, but with all their hours of hard work, they were able to put this carnival together.

With the help of the 131 volunteers that this organization went out to find, the carnival went off very well. Yes, it didn’t bring in the $15,000, but it did bring in the down payment. My whole family came and volunteered for this event. We spent money on the games and food, and we bought items at the silent auction, and I know how much money we spent there.

I can’t imagine how much of their own money that Dream Givers and their families spent putting this whole event together. I can’t believe that this family and Compassionate Paws would dream of saying that this organization was doing anything but helping the Franks with their situation. These people worked many hours in those six weeks to put this together, as well as many hours after the carnival to take everything down and clean up.

What happened to people saying thank you for your help and we appreciate all you have done for us?

Dream Givers, from my understanding, was going to be putting other benefits together to help these people raise enough money for this dog. I am so disappointed that anyone would say that these people are doing anything but good for this young boy.

I know that I would think twice about helping out with any benefit for this young boy, which is a shame, just because of how the family is acting. Just remember, as Dream Givers did, this is for the young boy with autism to live a better life.