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Michael A. Ross, Published November 25 2009

Political correctness infects ignorant youth of the nation

In 1971 Graham Nash wrote and sang “military madness was killing my country.” Nearly four decades later, that same madness is still raging out of control, but an even more deadly killer stalks our land in the new millennium. This is a dread disease known as political correctness, and it is notably ravaging America’s youth.

A hotbed of antiwar protest during Vietnam, surely college campuses are abuzz with tumult these days. With 5,000 of their own having come home in boxes and 30,000 wounded, many of these maimed for life, not to mention 2 million dead in foreign lands, just what are the hot-button issues on the college front these days?

Certainly radicalization can be overdone, but so can conformity. The establishment media, the public schools and the pabulum church are succeeding in producing a generation of philosophical zombies who won’t stand up for anything substantive. Only 12 percent of Americans ages 18-24 can even find Afghanistan on a map. Ignorance is why rulers get away with crimes.

Political correctness is the madness that is killing our country today. Of hypocrites that obsess with their own righteous deeds, Christ said: “They strain out a gnat and swallow a camel” (Matthew 23:24).

Is this predictive of America’s future? God help us.