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Marty Toepke-Floyd, Published November 05 2009

ND Lottery’s lady is bad luck

She’s back! Lady Luck is masquerading as a working stiff all across North Dakota. The fictitious figurehead of the North Dakota Lottery is trying to bewitch regular folks into coughing up their hard-earned cash for lottery “games” that mostly enrich the coffers of out-of-state interests in the gambling industry.

In the latest ad campaign, there’s more tricks than treats for North Dakotans. The lottery holds out the false hope of winning hundreds of millions of dollars but only delivers tiny fractions of that amount to anyone in the state. Meanwhile the multistate monsters of Powerball, 2 by 2, Hot Lotto and Wild Card 2 sink their teeth into the neck of Main Street businesses, sucking millions of dollars from our state’s economy.

How many millions? In 2009, North Dakotans are on pace to blow about $25 million on these lotteries, with the state attorney general’s office depositing more than $6 million in the general treasury and another

$12 million leaving the state. That’s just for this year alone.

The hemorrhaging grows worse each year the North Dakota Lottery operates. Yet even the North Dakota Lottery is looking scared over its shoulder as the charitable gambling branch of the attorney general’s office is being lobbied by the interstate gambling industry to deep-six paper pull tabs in favor of “electronic” pull tabs that bear an eerie resemblance to video slot machines – the methamphetamine equivalent for gambling addiction.

So beware of the ghouls of greed in the gambling industry who come knocking at your door this season. Lady Luck doesn’t work for us. She’s in league with dark forces, who don’t want the whole truth to be revealed.