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Glenn R. Case, Published October 25 2009

Read your Bible for all answers

There are three issues currently dividing our country today: health care, gun control and abortion. I don’t understand the noise – to me it is very simple. Reread your Bible and history books. Why is the current administration working on a bill that is clearly unconstitutional? Are they incompetent or just trying to accomplish nothing?

The second issue is gun control. Even if the government takes away our Second Amendment right, we can always do what the French resistance did to the Nazis or the Maoists recently did to India.

More than 200 Maoist rebels lurking in a remote part of western India’s Maharashtra state ambushed 45 police commandos, killed 17 and ran off with their weapons, officials announced. The ambush was one of the bloodiest attacks by the Maoists at a time when India’s government is preparing for a major offensive against them.

The abortion debate is very simple as well. If life does not begin at conception, please define when it begins. You can’t, because any other “explanation” is arbitrary and wrong. So, why argue about it? If you want to believe you are right and I am wrong, why would I care what you think? If others want to follow you, I still don’t care. A majority of sheep doesn’t make the old goat wrong.