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Jason Miller, Published October 19 2009

Miller: Small towns deserve respect

We received a media release earlier this week that alerted us to the correct way to name a newly formed high school co-op in North Dakota.

Here’s how it goes, although you should read carefully because this might get a little confusing.

Wyndmere-Lidgerwood will go by, not surprisingly, Wyndmere-Lidgerwood for fall activities.

The co-op will then go by Lidgerwood-Wyndmere for winter activities.

But wait, there’s more.

The schools’ nickname will be the Warbirds for volleyball and boys and girls basketball and will be the Warriors for football.

What in the name of Hitterdal-Ulen is going on?

If this is the new trend in co-ops, I demand some changes in my hometown high school.

This is a call to action to Ada-Borup High School Principal Mike Kolness.

Show Borup some love.

Beginning this spring, I would like the baseball team to go by the Borup-Ada Cougars.

Instead of yelling “A-B-C” fans can yell “B-A-C.”

It doesn’t have the same ring to it that “A-B-C” does, but it’s all about fairness, right?

Who’s ready to start the petition?

I’m guessing I could get all 25 people that reside in Borup to sign.

Let’s rally at A.J.’s Bar & Grill, the lone establishment in the little town that has been slighted for all these years.

I demand fairness.

But why stop with baseball.

I propose all teams go by Borup-Ada on even-numbered years and Ada-Borup on odd-numbered years.

To make it as confusing as possible we could have the all-world band be known as the Ada-Borup band on even-numbered years and as the Borup-Ada band on odd-numbered years. That way no one gets upset no matter what the calendar says.

Mr. Kolness, you and I can get this done. It’s high time that Borup gets the respect it deserves.

Once we get this done, it will provide some much-needed inspiration for other towns that have received similar treatment:

Beltrami, Audubon, Glyndon, Felton, Fisher, Page, Sharon, Sheyenne, Norcross, Argyle, Northwood, Alvarado, Oslo, Graceville, Beardsley, Gonvick, Hackensack, Akeley, Kulm, Regent, Edmore, Lankin, Streeter, Walhalla and, especially, Clifford, Galesburg, Erskine and McIntosh (they don’t even get names, they just get letters).

And don’t even get me started on HMB. Most people don’t even know what towns those are.

The time is now. So what time does A.J.’s open?

Sports Editor Jason Miller doesn’t really believe Borup needs to be listed first for any of its sports. Borupians are comfortable right where they’re at.

He can be reached at (701) 451-5651 or jmiller@forumcomm.com