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Vern Krile, Published September 26 2009

Praise for mayor taking on NRA

I have to take a moment and give praise to the Fargo mayor’s recent commentary in The Forum taking a stance against the almighty National Rifle Association. Few people in authority would dare challenge this right-wing organization on anything contrary to their beliefs for fear that they would “bring them down.”

As the mayor stated, he is a hunter, owns several weapons and said nothing about not owning guns for protection or whatever. He did state that he thought it was not necessary or wise to have everyone possess an automatic weapon. Needless to say, the NRA immediately jumped on this and sent out postcards in large capital letters that our mayor is anti-guns.

This is another example of what this radical group, as well as the conservative movement in general, is all about. They are all for following the Constitution and your rights to free speech, etc., etc., but heaven help you if you exercise your opinion in opposition to their beliefs. Your right to free speech suddenly goes out the window, and they will do anything or say anything to destroy that person.

I only wish that more people would wake up and think about what the NRA is all about. Unfortunately, there is a fairly large lunatic fringe out there that takes all this quite seriously. When they advocate allowing guns in colleges and even churches, I get a little fearful.

It’s also ironic to me that we have to be strip-searched when we enter the courthouse or the federal building, but they allow people to have automatic weapons and pistols strapped to their backs and legs when the president is speaking to a large group. Something seems to be amiss.

Anyway, hats off to Mayor Dennis Walaker. He has my support in standing up to the almighty NRA, which thinks it has power over everyone.