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Tom R. Kovach, Published September 20 2009

Joe Wilson right about president

Congressman Joe Wilson, R-S.C., used the right words but chose the wrong place to express himself when he said that President Barack Obama was not telling the truth in saying that illegals would not be covered in his proposed health care reform bill. The fact is, illegals have already received health care at the cost of the taxpayer. No hospital would deny anyone with an emergency or a pregnancy. A broken arm, for example, would get you admitted whether you had insurance or not, or whether you were here legally or not.

But let’s go beyond health care. Obama lied when he was running for the presidency, and he lied after he got the office. He was going to close Gitmo. Never happened. (He claims it will happen this winter.) He was supposed to bring home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, he’s increased American troops by thousands in Afghanistan and plans to send more ... even against the wishes of many of his Democrats in Congress.

Obama’s health proposal is what – l,200 pages? Many congressmen have not read it. I doubt if the president has. How many American citizens have? I haven’t. And with all the legal mumbo-jumbo, I doubt most of us would understand it even if we tried to read it. So why should I believe Obama when he says the bill has no death panels for seniors or doesn’t cover illegals?

Many in the liberal media accuse anyone of not agreeing with Obama as being racist. What insulting foolishness. The man had a white mother, so quit referring to him as that African-American president. And talk about racism! Look at the racist people Obama has associated with all his life, including his racist wife, Michelle. Then there is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, oh my, the list goes on. So please, you liberals out there, don’t insult our intelligence by associating disagreement with the president as being racist.

The bottom line is, Wilson told the truth when he accused the president of being a liar.