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Richard Johnson, Published September 20 2009

Double standards really never end

All the controversy over Rep. Joe Wilson’s, R-S.C., heckling of President Barack Obama is ridiculous. Some are going so far as to call it racist and even unprecedented.

Have you liberals forgotten about the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency? Bush was constantly insulted by the press, not to mention Democratic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who called Bush both a liar and a loser. But, it seems the double standards never end.

Even more ridiculous is the total lack of concern that what Wilson said is actually true. Obama, while maybe not flat out lying, most certainly has not been honest when talking about health care reform. He said illegals would not be covered, yet he knew that on two occasions his Democrats had blocked language expressly denying coverage to illegals, therefore leaving the door open to them.

He’s also said that no taxpayer money will be used to pay for abortions, yet he knows there is nothing in the bill to prevent that from happening. He says that if you like your current insurance, you can keep it, yet he knows the first 30 pages of the bill establish a special committee that will decide the definition of acceptable insurance policies. That means you can keep it if you like it and his committee likes it.

How about that longstanding “47 million uninsured Americans” line that he loved to use so often. That magically became 30 million virtually overnight. Was that not a lie? He had to know that it was an exaggeration the whole time he was saying it. Heck, I did, and I don’t have the army of handlers and advisers that he does.

The fact is, Obama has been very deceitful about his plan for reform. That should be the real outrage.